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Our Thoughts on Orbs

Many researches, investigators, and "ghost hunters" will point to "orbs" as evidence of paranormal activity.

While we do not dismiss the possibility that certain "Orb" activity COULD be a result of paranormal manifestation, we subscribe to the method that scientific observation can "debunk" most "Orb" activity.

Please keep in mind the environments that most "Orbs" are photographed or video recored. Most environments are dark and a good deal of them are outside in areas that have not been disturbed for a good portion of the day. This can account for a good deal of fine particulant, or "dust", being stirred into the air that normally would not be seen.

Also keep in mind that most methods of capture are dark environments with flash photography where the light has nowhere to reflect from except the fine particulant we may normally not be able to see.

Additionally, equipment like Infrared or "Night Vision" style cameras can show reflections that we would normally not see. Photography at night usually takes very specific, expensive, extremely sensitive equipment to perform. Most of what we use does not fall within this category of equipment.

And finally, a good deal of these "Orbs" have been shown to be explained away as bugs. Most flight bugs that you would see at night have highly reflective surfaces that the light from flashes and other forms of visual recording media will pick up as bright moving "spots".

Please take a look in our "Video Evidence" section for a video clip of what we would call a "Flash Orb", and let us know what you think!

Do you have an event or experience occuring that you believe to be paranormal?

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