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Haunting Theories

There are alot of different theories surrounding "hauntings". Theories that cover if they exist, how they exist, what types there are. You could go brain numb trying to decipher and combine all of the different theories into one working theory surrounding the concept of "hauntings".

We will do our best to present the theories we subscribe to as a group, and describe our take on them as we continue to grow as researchers and compile evidence to support them.

The Three Main Types of Hauntings

In this section, we will try to present a basic presentation of the generally accepted three types of hauntings that could occur. Obviously, there are many more theories surrounding the concept of hauntings. Afterall, the field of paranormal study is theoretic in and of itself. However, a good start on deciphering the multitude of theories out there is the three basic types of hauntings.

The Residual Haunt

The residual haunt is an imprinting of energy as the result of some severely traumatic and highly emotionally charged event that occurred at a location. These events could be anything. A sudden traumatic and untimely death, a highly charged military battle, or any other type of event that is catastrophic in nature. Basically, the event causes a discharge of highly emotional energy to "record" a type of memory loop that can be detected or seen by the living. There is no way to interact with the event occurring, nor is there any intelligence behind the event that can interact with you. Think of it as a movie clip on a continual loop playing out before you.

One theory on how this occurs is that the highly charged demise of the individual that passed causes one or more of their strongest memories, often their last memories, to be recorded in space-time, and play back when the surrounding conditions of ambient energy are right to fuel, or "power" the play-back.

Examples of these types of hauntings are seeing "images" of a battle playing out in front of you on a battlefield, seeing an apparition move through a house possibly performing the same small tasks over and over, or hearing a specific sound or group of sounds only in a specific place or at a specific time.

Generally, the clips are short, repetitive, and sometimes even predictable, happening at the same time, or on the same day regularly.

The Intelligent Haunt

The intelligent haunt is the transformed energy of a once living person that is aware of their surroundings and can attempt to interact with you whether it is through voice, touch, apparition, or some other form of physical interaction.

These types of haunts could be the result of alot of different things, just some of which could be someone who feels a sense of unfinished business, someone who feels guilty for having left, someone so caught up in end of life emotion they can't get past it to move on, or just someone who decided to stay behind for whatever reason.

Because these types of spirits are still sentient, and we believe a transformation of energy from their living form to a different form, they retain their personality, emotions, mannerisms, and even memories. With that being said, there can be all types of interaction with this kind of a haunting. If they were a prankster in life, they could very well remain a prankster in their new state, if they were angry in life, they could still be angry in their new state. Additionally, they can often develop new traits as a result of their new state. They can become skitish, easily frightened, or even easily frustrated at their failed attempts to communicate or interact. But nonetheless, they were, and are, someones loved one, and should be respected when encountered as if you were a visitor in their home.

The "In-Human" (sometimes called Demonic) Haunt

It's just like it says. Not Human. The energy you are experiencing is not, and never was, human. These types of hauntings are so uncommon, that the theory that they exist is probably one of the most questionable out there. But, we present it none-the-less because there is always the possibility that we could encounter it at some point in the future.

The in-human, or demonic, haunt is almost always a malevolent haunt, and requires a specialized individual to handle it. Often these types of haunts are found after the improper use of a Ouija Board where the user or users has inadvertantly opened an invitation to something they do not understand, cannot control, and feeds off of growing fear. Once invited, the in-human haunt is very difficult to eliminate. It can and will feed off of your emotions, your thoughts, and your fear.

Please understand, Ouija Boards can be and are dangerous tools. Calling something up that isn't already there is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone.

There are many other theories, and even sub-theories inside these three main theories that try to explain the how, the what, the why, the where, and many other components. This touches on just the basics. Check out some of our other articles as they appear to get more in depth with these theories, and many others!

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