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EVP Theories

Can the same EVP be recorded on two seperate devices simultaneously?

There are a couple of different theories regarding EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomena.

One theory says that EVPs are vocal manifestations that occur outside the normal frequency for humans to hear, and the sensitivity of electronic recording devices allows said devices to record that manifestation at the time that it occurs.

The second theory says that EVPs are a direct imprint of energy on a specific electronic recording device. Meaning the paranormal energy is manifesting itself in such a fashion that it leaves an imprint specifically on one electronic device, and that there is no way to hear at the time that it is occuring because there is nothing audible to hear. It is merely energy interaction.

As you know, we are a scientifically based organization that believes in proof and truth. Truth through Science. We debunk first, and whatever is left is open to review. When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. These statements serve as our guide, and we live by them with every investigation.

However, we have and continue to show EVP results from investigations, and we cannot explain how or why. Because of our very basic nature and our need to know, we have a drive to find out the what and why of anything we can.

CCP has devised a means that we hope we will be able to test both theories, and put some form of valid science behind one concrete evidence based theory on just exactly what EVPs are, and you will be seeing that test, and the results of that test on this site very shortly.

As always, we value the banter of our counterparts and friends, and would like to open discussion on EVPs and the theories that you may or may not subscribe to. So please, email your comments and thoughts to, and lets open the topic!

What are YOUR thoughts??

Do you have an event or experience occuring that you believe to be paranormal?

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