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Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro NJ - 08/02/2011

General Background
Eglington Cemetery in Clarksboro NJ is a regular stop for us. We use it for training new Researchers, for leading "Guest Hunts", and for testing new theories and new equipment. We know it pretty well, and they know us pretty well. As we have stated before, we believe that regular sites are good for any group because as you become more familiar with your surroundings, your surroundings become more familiar and comfortable with you, and your results will continue to increase.

That being said, this was a normal training mission and equipment test mission. We had just picked up a couple of new infrared illuminators, and we were testing their limits with our equipment. A few odd things were happening that evening, so we decided to pull out crosstalk and give it a go, as we have had some pretty varried and positive results with it at this location.

After a rather cluttered and uneventful crosstalk session, we decided to pack it in for the evening.

Imagine our astonishment when upon review of the audio, at the very end of the audio session, we found one of the most fantastic EVPs we've gotten to date!

Check it out for yourself!

The Team
CCP Team Members present for the Research Study were:

- Clay Borneman
- Matt Fisher
- Karen Rafine
- Jennifer Rafine

Equipment Used
We used the following equipment during the research study:

This was a training mission, so very basic equipment was utilized as we were testing new equipment.
The Evidence
Photo Evidence After review, no notable photo evidence was found.
Video Evidence After review, no notable video evidence was found.

Audio Evidence This first clip was barely audible, but definitely there.
You will hear Matt Fisher instructing someone to mark visible wires, followed by conversation regarding new illuminators we were testing. We've presented you with two clips. The first is an extended clip for context, the second is the EVP isolated and amplified. See if you can here what comes next:

The second clip was captured following a Crosstalk session. You will hear it pretty clearly. We have provided three versions of the clip. The first is an extended version for context, the second two are more isolated and amplified versions of just the EVP. Tell us what YOU hear:

The Conclusion

Do you have an event or experience occuring that you believe to be paranormal?

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