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"Verum Per Scientia" - Truth Through Science
"when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

Clay Borneman

Background: 18+ years Emergency Services including EMT, Firefighter, Beach Patrol, Hazardous Materials, Tactical Rescue, former USCGAUX Officer
Education: Wildwood High School, Rutgers Outreach (BEC), Valley Forge (NBC), Professional Electrician, Class A CDL
Philosophy: Life is absolutely beautiful. My technical background and life experiences in Emergency Services has enlightened me to the known and unknown universe. I have been witness to the most horrible things humanity has to offer as well as the most beautiful things humanity can offer. The horror is self-explanatory, the beauty takes more energy to create. In my youth I was fortunate to have an extended family within the Church. My Parish Priests were not just my spiritual advisors, these men are some of my best friends. I truly had a ?backstage pass? to the workings of the Catholic Church. These experiences helped to forge my quest for knowledge.
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies/Interests: Family/Grandkids, all things History, Paintball, Fishing, Traveling, Education, Home Improvement, Meeting People, Falling evermore in Love with Life
Goals: To one day lick a Glacier, throw a stone into the Grand Canyon, to find out how far south I can view the Northern Lights, visit all of the Disney Properties worldwide and to find out where the sidewalk ends.

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