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Audio Evidence (EVP)

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Gettysburg, PA - Multiple Battlefields
August 2010

One of our researchers, during a dousing session in Gettysburg, PA, announces that her arms are getting tired,
and that she will be taking a break, and asks if she can come back and talk to the presence again.
This is the response she gets.

In this clip, you will hear one of our researchers telling the "presence" that they have to leave, and asking the presence to make itself
known to him by touching him. Listen carefully towards the end of the clip, you will hear the "presence" directly respond to him.

In this clip, you hear one of our researchers speaking about continuing up a path. He also speaks about how "heavy" the air is getting
at just about the same time he receives this instruction.

Cohansey Cemetery, NJ
October, 2010

If you listen carefully, you will hear one of our researchers responded to in 3 sections of this audio clip.

In this clip, one of our researchers is reading a tomb stone and reads the numbers incorrectly, quickly corrects himself, and his correction is acknowledged.

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